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Please help clarify, postive or negative??

I have been trying to concieve for about 7 months. About a week ago i felt weird, my shoulder was hurting and i have been having cramps just like i do on my period. I took a pregnancy test and i very faint line showed up but got darker later on. I have taken over 6-7 tests and they have all done the same thing. I dont know if it is evaps or not. I have taken dollars tree tests, 88 cent tests, digital tests, first response and blue dye test as well. Here are some of the results. I am supposed to start my period on January 25th. 


  • I’d leave it a few days and test again. 
  • i am getting a blood test tomorrow 😊 thank you for the reply
  • I think its looking promising clear blue tests are really not good testing early I was getting negative tests till the day I was due my af good luck 
  • I am still waiting on my blood test results. I should have them by Thursday. Is it possible for a blood test to be positive 7 days before missed period? 
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