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Please help nobody is commenting, Spotting or period ??! TMI photo

Mama2be1299Mama2be1299 Regular
edited Jan 20, 2021 9:43PM in Trying to conceive
Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex using the pull out method which I know isn’t 100% effective. Im on birth control. We aren’t trying to get pregnant, but we aren’t trying to not get pregnant if that makes sense. I’m still really young and a little worried . I’m not sure if this is breakthrough bleeding, pregnancy spotting, or the start of my period.
im not supposed to be starting my period for another 8-10 days. I’ve been bleeding for 2 days now it was lighter the first day then became heavy where I had to wear a pad. Please help idk what it is!!!!


  • I’m thinking a breakthrough bleed if you’re on birth
  • i agree with @EmJ3 x

  • Update: brown very light bleeding now. I don’t think this is my period 
  • @EmJ3 ^ here’s my update! I would love your feed back. Thank you for replying. My periods are usually heaving and I’ve been on birth control for years now and have never had any break through bleeding. 
  • @Mama2be1299 it could be a breakthrough bleed or possibly implantation. have you done a pregnancy test? It’s probably too early though, if it’s implantation. I’d give it 3 days or so and do a test!xx
  • Mama2be1299Mama2be1299 Regular
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    is this implantation bleeding ??! Ugh I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m supposed to start my period on Monday According to my app. I still have a negative test though prob too early 
  • It’s hard to tell but it looks like a breakthrough bleed or more like your period to be but I’m no expert either!xx
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