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Just starting TTC 🥰


My partner and I have just started trying which is all very exciting! Wanting to chat to others in the same boat 🥰


  • Hi @Lucyros3x

    I have also recently started TTC, so far tried for 3 cycles & no luck! Hope the next one is the lucky cycle :)

    Good luck to you! 
  • Hi @Lucyros3x

    It's the second circle for me as well. Good luck to you :) Try to take it easy, I know it's hard not to read too much into the own body. 
  • Good luck to both of you. I’m not hoping for much this month as I’ve come off the pill so it’s still probably in my system! Do you get nervous when it comes to your period due date or do you just try not to think about it too much?
  • Thanks!
    Last month I was going crazy. And I'm normally a really laid-back girl. But I had it all. Nausea, cramping, certain smells didn't seem nice to me anymore, stuff like that. I'm not sure if I had a chemical, or maybe a weird stomach bug. Whatever it was, I hope I'm better this month :)
  • I think even if we try to not think too much, subconsciously we are still thinking of getting a BFP!! On my first time, i didnt think much but somehow AF came 4-5 days early... my doctor said to not worry or have anxiety as all this makes ur cycle irregular... Ever since i've been TTC, all my cycles are little different & I keep noticing small details which werent there before, hyper-aware of every cramp & twinge!

    So try to relax as much as you can! And these forums also help :)
  • Ah bless you. I can imagine I’m going to be like that too 🙃 it’s so easy to mistake stuff isn’t it! I guess it’s wishful thinking.
  • Haha... yes! How many dpo are you at?
  • I’m mid ovulation at the moment, getting cramps with it too. I’m due on around 17/2. Does anyone take pre pregnancy vitamins? X
  • I am taking folic acid combination with Iron, some other vitamins & minerals...good to start before you actually conceive... do you use opks to know when ovulation will happen?
  • I’m going to look into them today I think. I already take iron tablets as mine is low. I just use an online ovulation calculator. Do you use opks? 
  • I tried once, but they are quite expensive and you need to test daily for couple of days... i ran out of my stock before i got a peak :( So only relying on cm monitoring now... 

    This is your TTC for 1st baby or you have children?
  • I am using a fertility monitor this cycle. I'm just curious if I really have an ovulation or not, I mean I never thought about that before and I thought it's better to know than to be disappointed each month? I read the first month is a bit a hit and miss as the monitor will need some time to adjust to you. It differs between fertility low, high and peak. I went straight on day two to high, and waiting on the peak now. According to my app it should be this weekend. We'll see!
  • @apsa1819
    We have a 15month old daughter (she was a surprise) so it’s our first time actually trying. How about yourself?

    Yeah it’s hard to tell! Do you not get any symptoms when ovulating? X

  • @Lucyros3x wow that's lovely!! I don't have any kids, this is my first time TTC, that's why little more anxious :)

    Any of you do monitoring of cm? I'm only relying on that and my phone app!
  • @Lucyros3x good question. I think I can tell sometimes but it wasn't important before, and now since I listen closer to my body, everything is suddenly suspicious, weird and I can't trust myself on being objective I think  :D
  • Hey girls can I join I am on month 1 ttc for 2nd :) xxx
  • @Apsa1819 I think that makes it even more exciting though. 

    @Bundaberg I’m a massive overthinker too and any slightest niggle I tell my partner; bet he’s sick of me 😉🤣

    @Chloxxxxx Welcome!!! How exciting 😁
  • Good to hear I'm not the only one  :p
  • Morning girls stressed myself out this morning and did a test BFN honestly don’t know what I expected haha 
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