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Can anyone help me please? I’m 10dpo today, I did a test yesterday and today and it’s positive :)) but I’ve just had pink spotting. Does this mean it’s not going to end well?! 


  • Hia, i had what they call implantation bleeding with my 2nd, it was bright red and quite alot however it stopped as quick as what it started !! He will be 12yrs in March 🙂 hope yours is nothing to worry about but if it gets heavier along with cramps it may be the worse outcome. Hope you're OK and fingers crossed its just where baby has got nice and snug and popped a few of them blood vessel whilst getting comfy 💕 
  • Thank you for replying, I bloody hope so. I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the last few months, and I’m beginning to lose hope in having a second baby so fingers crossed! Thank you xx
  • I had implantation bleeding the day I found out I was pregnant with my first. I bled quite a bit with cramping so had to wait an agonising 2 weeks to take another test. Following this was referred for early pregnancy scan which confirmed (v unexpectedly) that I was still pregnant. Implantation bleeding is quite normal though!
  • Ah that’s good to hear! Mine has stopped now and I was very sick last night lol still feeling dodgy today. Normally I don’t get sick until 6 weeks but seems it’s sooner lol xx
  • I bled for 9 weeks with my first pregnancy. And she is now a healthy 2 year old.
    Early pregnancy can make you cervix more sensitive so even a simple thing like bending down can make you bleed slightly x
  • Ah really? I never knew that. Thanks for replying xx 
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