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Hello! My wife and I were not initially trying to get pregnant, but we noticed that her temps rose late in her cycle, and happened to have sex around that time. We thought we ovulated around the 25th because her temps rose, but they still seemed lower than they are supposed to be, so we inputted our values into Fertilityfriend, and it thinks we ovulated on the 29th. Even so, it looks like our temperatures are really low. I've read that can be a sign of low progesterone which can affect implantation. Even though we were initially trying to wait a year, we are getting excited and are hoping for a baby. Can somebody help us figure out when we ovulated and if there is something wrong with her temperatures/ if there's anything we can do to fix it? Thank you!


  • Hi, when ttc I did bbt and could tell when I was pregnant due to my temps and also knew when I was about to ovulate as tended to have a dip prior to ovulation so once in full swing of it it is really helpful. I agree your temps look a bit all over the place. Can I just check you are temping first thing in the morning before getting out of bed or even moving (I used to sleep with my thermometer under my pillow to reduce movement) and also ha I got at least 5hrs sleep? Also do your cycles tend to be this long normally as with ovulation at cd29 with a luteal phase of 14 days (that’s average) you would have a 43 day cycle? Anyway good luck and I wouldn’t worry to much about progesterone levels yet drs wouldn’t even test them until u have been trying for a least a year.
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