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Cramps, back pain, late AF but BFN

Can someone please help!

So I'm about 4 days late which is not normal for me but it can happen (depinding when I O, my LP is always 12 days). This month I wasn't tracking so I wouldn't be confused if it isn't for this -

The problem is I'm certain I had O-ed and I don't have any cysts because I've been to my ob/gyn a week ago and he confirmed I'm in LP and no cysts. 

An that would be also fine If I hadn't had back pain and period like cramps just lighter for the 5 days now on and off. My cycles are usually 28 days and I'm now on CD 32 and still nothing. Tested this morning and BFN. Also I never cramp this long before period - just on the day it arrives. 
Breasts started to be juuust a bit achy from today. No fatigue no nausea no nothing. And temps still high.

Does someone has some ideas? Please be honest and tell me what you think. We have been TTC for a while now and ofc I would like to get PG but I'm currently working on my weight loss so it would also be fine if not PG.

Please girls, your opinions <3
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