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Starting our ttc journey

Hey all I’m currently starting my journey ttc and I’m just wondering for any tips etc 
thank you my lovelies 


  • my tip is that you don't think about it i was tracking and testing everyday with opks making sure to bd every day and nothing as soon as i stopped doing and said f** it BOOM I'm 3 weeks pregnant and me and hubby have been trying for about a year now and also didnt even get to do it during my ovulation day just one day before and then skipped like 3 days 
  • Hi @Charlieawx! I second Ashbugg's post, even though I'd want to say it was extremly important for me to kinda "deep dive" into the whole process, to learn how my body actuall works and after a first, very confusing month, I'm now much more relaxed. At least when it comes to symptom spotting. 
  • @Charlieawx I also agree with the other 2 ladies. Get to know your cycle but dont think too much about it just enjoy making a baby and the most important thing is have FUN doing it. This was not me to begin with i learnt the hard way lots of stress and it became like a military operation haha the minute we both relaxed and said lets go with the flow it happened for us. Ive heard so many guys say it becomes so off putting knowing your partner/wife only wants you for your product 😂🙈 it doesn't help the relationship and makes things more stressful so absolutely just both enjoy yourselves and have fun. Good luck sending lots of baby dust your way xxx
  • Hey guys I’d love to join and get some advice! 🙂 So I have pcos so periods have always been irregular but I did have them just every one every few months or so instead of every month religiously. No other pcos symptoms and periods were always light and short when I did have them. Been taking the mini pill cerelle for almost 2 years but a stopped taking last Monday (8th March) to start trying to conceive 🙂 

    So DTD Sunday the 7th with a condom but was out of date 🤦🏻‍♀️ But took my last pill that evening.

    Then DTD first time completely unprotected on Wednesday the 10th and Saturday the 13th.

    Across Monday and Tuesday this week 15th/16th I’ve had slight cramping in lower pelvis and back. And today Tuesday 15th I’ve been exhausted.

    Just wondering I know it’s so early but are these symptoms just coming off the pill symptoms? I feel they are too early for the first lots of unprotected sex from the Wednesday and Saturday as not even been a week. But because I don’t know when I ovulated could I possibly ovulated that Wednesday and implanted now and that’s the cramps? Can you ovulate only a few days after stopping the mini pill? Or is there even a chance these symptoms are very early signs of pregnancy from the out of date condom day? Is it possible even with pcos I could be very fertile right now since I’ve heard you can be most fertile when stopping the pill?

    Sorry I know I have so many questions but I’m so new to this and very excited and hopeful so any advice or similar experiences would be handy!  Look forward to chatting with you all!
  • Hey ladies a little update I am now late by a day for af and not took a test yet maybe I could be late but had no symptoms of af only thing I’ve had is feeling sick and going dizzy had slight cramps the other day 
  • @MisssSarahhh well it is potentially possible but I think not very likely to be honest. Most women ovulate quite late after they fist get off the pill, as the body needs a bit of time to adjust. After all, you didn't ovulate for the whole time you were on the pill. So what you're experiencing could be that you start to "feel your body" again if you know what I mean? You could experience feeling your ovulation, or an adjustment in your hormon levels. 
    As for the out of date condom, I don't think the dates would match. As you were still on the pill until the 8th and it was on the 7th it's almost impossible :)
    Either way, welcome to the journey :) And fingers crossed for you! xx

  • hey @Charlieawx exciting! I don't think you told us if you were on the pill before or not? Are your cycles regular? If so, why didn't you test yet? :)
  • @Bundaberg I’m not on the pill I haven’t been for about 2 years but we’ve never ttc till few months ago my periods are regular as I follow them on the the Flo app always correct and I’m going to test today as wanted to give it an extra day to see if maybe I was just late 
  • @charlieawx oh thats good that your cycle is so regular. Have you been late before? Xx
  • No I’ve been early once or twice but never late 
  • Ohh exciting. Good luck for your test lots of baby dust being blown to you 💕
  • I'd say test tomorrow morning with your first urine for most accurate results. Fingers crossed! 
  • Thank you ladies I just tested with first urine if the day and got bfn 
  • I'm sorry @Charlieawx. If AF doesn't show up, test again! You're not out until AF arrived. 
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