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Unsure pregnancy test

edited Mar 31, 2021 2:34PM in Trying to conceive
I took a test today because I didn’t feel right and there are 2 lines but ones is faint does that mean pregnant or not? Might get another to see if there is a different outcome.


  • That's a very strong positive result. The line closest to the bit you wee on is the 'test' line which tells you if you're pregnant or not. The second line is the control line, which is there to prove that the test worked correctly.

    In your case, you had such high levels of HCG that your test line stole almost all of the dye from the control line. They're sometimes referred to as 'dye stealers' if you wanted to google it. I'd expect you're 4-5 weeks pregnant minimum. If you plan to retest I'd highly recommend a digital with weeks indicator, but you're definitely pregnant according to that test.

  • Very positive hun. Congratulations xx
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