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Blood stagnation 🤔

My super odd cycle this month got me hitting up google big time 🙄
4 days late (which I never am), my BBT stayed super high even after AF started and the first day of bleeding was light, very thick and very dark and 
I had the worst cramps I’ve ever had too. 
My research pulled up bloody stagnation - has anyone any experience of this???

it seems to make perfect sense to me.... the blood gets quite literally stuck so doesn’t clear out properly. So the next cycle is impeded as the egg doesn’t have a nice healthy lining to implant into. 

It’s a pretty hot topic in traditional
chinese medicine but not so much in the west. Treatment is acupuncture and herbal remedies. 

Amazingly there’s a guy that specialises in it local to me so I’m tempted to get a consult 🤔🤔 

Anyone know anything about this or had any experience of it??? 
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