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Effect of long use Depo

Good afternoon! 

I was wondering if anyone could shed any light, I was on the depo injection for about 8/9 years, my last injection was Feb 2020. AF returned fairly quickly and have been having regular periods since last summer. 

How long can it take to conceive? Is there anything I can do to help? Or is it just different for every person?

Me and my partner have been trying since Christmas, so not long. But is it worth buying ovulation tests ?

Thank you so much in advance.


  • Hi, with my second son it took just under a year to conceive him once the depo ran out, 3 mths after the last shot, with the third just over a year, and now on ttc number 4, last shot was August 2019, so ran out in November 2019. Been on depo for contraception since the oldest was born apart from when we've been ttc, he is 19 now and all grown up, well so he thinks anyway !! I would do the opks just to see if you're ovulating for peace of mind. Its good that your cycles are regular again, mine didn't start to get regular till October 2020 so that's a good sign for you. See how you get on with the opks but if they stress you out to much then just leave them and maybe take your bbt or go off cm. 
  • Perfect, thank you so much. 
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