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Will be third month of actively trying

Hey everyone, 
AF has arrived today, after a faint positive then negative then stronger faint positive... then a positive this morning. So it was a chemical pregnancy. I know it’ll happen for us when it’s meant to 🙏🏾  Just thought it would be nice to share and encourage others wanting to conceive also. Baby dust to all trying. I hope April is the month for you all x


  • I meant a negative this morning sorry!
  • So sorry 😞 Sending love xX it’s positive to know that you can conceive though 👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks for sharing xxx
  • Thanks so much @KelB79 we all must stay hopeful that it’ll happen for us, come on April xx
  • There are sooo many BFPs this month - I thought I’d be feeling jealous but I’m honestly so happy for everyone who’s got one and it’s given me hope - they’ve been on this journey too! Maybe for a shorter time, maybe longer, maybe an easier time or harder but active TTC is bloody tough whatever the journey so I’m delighted to see good news 😁😁💜

  • God will bless you for being so genuinely happy for others, you will see @KelB79 my period hasn’t actually arrived yet, I’m spotting mostly dark brown and pink and a little red blood. I’ll be monitoring and leave that whatever it happening it’ll be okay. Hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend xx
  • Oh @Linzey17 you could possibly have good news yet then!!! Implantation bleeding is a big possibility! Sending up some prayers for you lovely 🙏🏼🙏🏼 You might get the best Christmas present ever!!! xX
  • You’re so lovely, thank you so much. I literally don’t know what to think but as I say I have peace regardless. I’ll keep you updated @KelB79 xxxx
  • Please do!! Sounds very promising!! I’m CD15 today - possible OV day so here we go with the TWW rollercoaster 🤣🤣 Gonna try to enjoy the ride and not stress myself out! 🙈🙈 xX
  • Already prayed for you @KelB79 hoping it’s your month. Try and keep yourself busy. Let me
    know Xxx
  • @KelB79 my temp just dropped and spotting definitely a bit more and red, gut feeling AF. I just know it: Feeling positive about this month though, sending out baby dust to everyone including me lol xx
  • Ah pants!!! That BBT drop is always a teller!! Still holding out hope for you though!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 xX 
  • I'm so sorry @Linzey17! I went through the same in February. Tested positive, and three days later started bleeding, and after that tested negative again.
    I can just tell you what my GP said: look at it the positive way, it means you can get pregnant! It's just that something wasn't quite alright, it's natural and happens a lot more than we might think. And also, most women get pregnant in the months following a chemical. Good luck to you and treat yourself well! I just did everything I couldn't have done if I were pregnant ;)
  • @KelB79 yes defo AF, you’re so lovely. Really hoping it’s your month 🙏🏾 xxx
  • @Bundaberg how insensitive of your GP, but so glad to hear you’re seeing it as you are, you will soon see those two lines consistently when you’re ready to try again. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words, will let you guys know when it happens 😬
  • Oh no I didn't think it was insensitive at all actually. She was right! I was really bummed that I had a chemical pregnancy, and I thought she was really lovely. It helped me put it into perspective. Thank you hun, I got my AF this month and didn't really try, I might not actually try for this month either. It's very stressful at my job right now, I just feel it would be better to wait out a month and not put too much unnecessary stress to it.
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