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I think I’m definitely pregnant!

I posted a few days ago about getting a ‘faint positive’ I had 2 actually (1 after another), I only take pregnancy tests in the mornings (first wee).
I decided to take another clear blue alongside a digital one and on the normal clear blue the plus sign was there practically straight away and was much more visible than it had been and the digital one also said ‘pregnant’ at the same time!
I then saw people say to do the first response as apparently ‘red ink is better’ so I did one this morning and a line showed up practically straight away!! 

What do you all think? I guess I’m just in shock and can hardly believe it! (I am happy though!:) ) xx


  • Congrats, your pregnant no doubt about it! When are you due? I just got my bfp I’m due around dec 13th. Come join us in due in dec 😍 x
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