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Best app??

I’ve been using Flo since starting TTC - I like how simply it’s laid out and it seems pretty spot on retrospectively for pinpointing OV but often predicts it wrongly and messes me up a bit with my BD planning 🤣🤣
I downloaded Premom this cycle to give it a go - inputted as much historical data as I could and it’s confused the hell out of me!!
according to Flo my OV is today (CD15) but Premom pinned it as CD9 🥴 - massive difference!
I only track BBT - I don’t want to get too fixated on testing if I can help
it but I do want a vague idea of my CD10-16 window. 
Anyone got any advice?? 


  • I used a app called my tracker only used it to track predicted ovulation I fell second month ttc
  • I use period tracker. But it also needed to get to know me a bit so to speak. It's spot on now (I test with a fertility monitor as well so I know when I actually ovulate, and it's on the same day, maybe once it misses a day, that's all)
  • I use Premom app. It works great and pinpionts my ovulation day based off my lh peak every cycle. <3 If you only input your previous cycle data, the Premom app will only be able to generate preditions based off such information. I have no idea the algorithms between Flo and Premom. Since you only track bbt, “6 low, 3 high” BBT is needed to create a BBT spike and predict your ovulation day according to the Premom's algorithm. ;) I leant that from their blogs. It is very interesting.
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