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Pregnancy test - faint lines

Hi, there! I have recently taken two pregnancy tests (two different brands), and both resulted in having a faint line on the test, looking like a positive pregnancy test, inside the testing time window (within the 3 min, the faint line shows up). I am about 3 days from getting my period, and have been having a few other symptoms (hot flashes, etc.). Thoughts?


  • I can see the lines hopfully they will get darker for you congrats:) 
  • Thanks @Sj83! I was really hoping my eyes were not playing tricks on me!
  • edited Apr 5, 2021 6:33PM
    Hello ! 
    I had taken a test today afternoon and I can see a very faint line. 
    My periods last for 3 days normally and yesterday I had bleeding for about 6-7 hours with alot of cramping. 
    Could I be pregnant? 
    How long should I wait to take another test? 
  • Jey @Vanessa6tdB1c_h the test looks a bit like it could be a dye run. I would test again tomorrow morning. Good luck to you xx
  • Any other thoughts on my top two photos? Thanks all! 
  • Sorry @JordyZ as @Sj83 wrote it definitely looks positive, there is nothing more to add than a congrats xx
  • No need to be sorry at all, @Bundaberg!! Just wanted some additional reassurance from those who have experience as I have none! Thank you!! 
  • Chances of a false negative are extremely small, and you even tested twice, you're definitely pregnant :) I suggest testing again in 48 hours as the hcg levels double each 48 hours and the line should get even darker. I wish you a healthy 9 months!
  • Looks just like my first faint bfps and now they’re really strong, congrats x
  • hello! These are the two tests . Top one taken today and bottom one taken 30-48 hours ago.( A day after bleeding for 5 hours) 

    I can see a very faint line in both of them
    And had a blood spotting too yday.
    I am really confused 

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