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Not sure if pregnant

Hi guys very confused and frustrated so I have 2 kids 8 and 7 now trying for 3rd. For the past few days now I have been getting loads of symptoms. Creamy cm. Sore hard breast with some blue veins. Had a bit of cramping also sore back that came last night. Was sitting and felt like my legs were burning. And loads more but keep getting the negative doctors said hand urine sample in on tue my pms were due 5th. Can anyone help I'm loosing my mind.


  • So you're 4 days late now, correct? When did you do your last test? And did you test with a first response or a digital one? 
  • I done a few yesterday but negative fast response also one from doctors but doctor said try again on tue as it could be to early.
  • Then I suggest you do what they advised you to do. Unfortunately there is no other way. Just make sure you test with your FMU. 
  • Yes, do as doctor says wait couple of days as the HCG levels come up at different rates for everyone. May God's blessing be upon you!
    #What God can not do does not exsist!
  • Yes heres hoping would be amazing to find out. Would just like to find out all the symptoms I can think of but getting negative tests took one this morning still getting negative
  • I was 5 days late before I got a very very very faint positive on March 22nd. 2 days later still very faint but definitely there. Another 2 days and it was even darker, but still quite a bit lighter than the control line. I am currently 7 weeks  + 2 at 43 years old & husband is 58, so all things are possible with God. 
    Let go & let God!
  • Well I'm 5 days late today took a test but still negative instead of bleeding i have watery cm also my breast are sensitive hard plus some blue veins my emotions have been everywhere my back has been in pain slight cramp but negative really annoying 
  • @Kkippen12
    Praying that they are false negatives. 
    God we pray your blessings for a child be upon this woman. Grant her peace and patience in this journey. In Jesus Christ mighty name we pray! Amen!!
  • Hope you get your positive soon sometimes your af is just late especially if only just started trying sometimes can take a while to regulate cycle when I was trying for my second I had no periods for 3 months and thought i was pregnant just my periods hadnt regulated yet 
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