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No periods, negative pregnancy test after taking fertomid 100g

I have been on birth controls for 5 months to regulate my periods, after that my GP prescribed me fertomid 100g, I took it during day 3 to 7. I am 3 days late with a negative pregnancy test. What is really happening to me?
I am desperately want a baby.


  • What birth control have you been on? 
  • Its Yaz
  • Never heard of that before, that you have to get on birth control pills to regulate your cycles? After all, that's mainly the reason why the cycles are irregular. It took me almost a year after getting off the pill (I was on Yaz as well, hated it so much) to get a regular cycle. 
    So in my humple opinion you can't really know if you're late or not, as it's your first cycle without the pill. Sorry! 
  • So bad, how did you manage to regulate your cycle 
  • I wasn't TTC back then but it just took time for the hormones to regulate. What helps a bit is eating a healthy diet (actually not dieting, eating enough healthy fats), taking folate daily (which is also advised when TTC), get enough sleep and exercise. 
    Some women swear on acupuncture.
    But that being said, it's not impossible to get pregnant with irregular cycles, it's just harder to predict when you're ovulating. Maybe you should think about buying ovulation strips to determine when your ovulating date is? 
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