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Help! Tests not getting any darker 😢

I really need some help and advice please. 

I got a faint FRER BFP on Monday 10/11 dpo (I’d got some fainter ones on Saturday/ Sunday 8/9dpo) I tested all week with FRER and one step strips and although they had 2 lines they didn’t get any darker and in fact looked a bit lighter I thought it was because I’d been up in the night peeing. So didn’t drink anything yesterday evening then this morning I’m 14/15 dpo and decided to do 2 CB tests one a digital and the other a 6 days early one. The digital showed not pregnant but the 6 days early has a faint line. My bbt dropped today but still quite a bit above cover line. 

My head is all over the place because I have no idea what’s going on, I feel pregnant but the tests are so confusing. I’m having bloods done tomorrow and hope I get the results on the app before the day is over. 

I’m either having a Chemical Pregnancy, HCG levels are not increasing or I’m just not pregnant. Has anyone experienced this? If so what happened? 


  • Having spent a long time on these boards I feel it's highly likely you are experiencing a chemical pregnancy. It's only a guess of course and I hope I'm incorrect but I would probably expect your period to arrive within the next week. 

    It's good you're getting bloods done though as the doctor will be able to compare that to your expected gestation and give you a better answer. Although to be sure they'll Hopefully do repeat bloods 48 hours later. 

    Wishing you all the best 🤞
  • @Curiosity101 thank you for response. I think it’s a chemical too, I’ve never had one before but all the signs are point towards one. I just want my period to come and get it over and done with. 😣
  • Clear blue ain't always accurate especially early on  I would try again on a pink dye in a couple of days good luck 
  • Sj83 said:
    Clear blue ain't always accurate especially early on  I would try again on a pink dye in a couple of days good luck 
    Thank you, but I came on today with really heavy cramping which isn’t normal for me so it turned out to be a chemical. We have some other fertility issues so I’m being a little bit more realistic now. It will be a miracle if we conceive next month x
  • I'm sorry to see your update @LittleBirdie. I wish you every bit of look for the future 🤞
  • @Curiosity101 thank you I really appreciate it x 
  • So sorry good luck hun it will happen
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