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What’s wrong with me!!

Hi so basically I'm just looking for some advice and just wondering if anyone else has had the same happen to them! 
Ive been TTC for some time now and on the 24th of March I got my first positive pregnancy test whilst using strip tests the lines never seemed to get darker and some days I had negatives, negatives with any other test but a strip test was always positive so I was also late to my period about a week and got an early scan to try and find out what's happening that was the 3rd of April and the lady said there is a possible early conception or start to period and she also said I had a corpus luteum cyst anyway next day 4th of April my period came thought nothing of it just assumed I was never pregnant or had a chemical pregnancy I'm still not sure but regardless I decided to take another pregnancy test 15 days after my period and it was still positive! But again like I said only with strip tests and not CB or FRER I'm due my period today and it's a no show atm so I'm just confused and don't really know what to think!? Help!! Thankyou!


  • @Babymumma08 Can you post pictures of some of your test? Do you use BBT to verify ovulation to make sure you actually ovulated in your cycles? Did your last period look normal or different?
  • @Poca92 yes I can and I used a clear blue advanced digital ovulation kit and had a smiley face on the 21st of April. My period just seemed normal also when I had a private scan the lady said I had ovulated for the month of March 
  • I can only guess what happened, but to me it sounds like you had a chemical last month, and are pregnant again this month. Many women have a higher fertility in the months after having a chemical, so it's entirely possible. If I were you I'd go to see your GP and check your blood. Good luck! xx
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