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Line - can you see?


I’m new on here! 

Been trying to conceive for a few months! Been feeling extremely tired, like beyond fatigued, heartburn all the time and I can’t stop peeing!

did a pregnancy test this morning and this came up! 

I need clarification 😂 you can see it right? 

Thanks in advance 


  • Also the lines are more blue in real life, than these pics 
  • I can definitely see it. Congrats!! 
  • Thank you! 

    That was 2 separate wee’s this morning, one is slightly more visible than the other! I was stupid enough to do a digital clear blue test this afternoon, came up negative, probably because my urine was diluted from drinking and peeing alot! Will try again with a digital in the morning, just wanna see the words on the screen to know it’s real lol x 
  • Just be aware that the digital ones are far less sensitive and chances that they will give you a negative are kinda high. So if it's going to be negative, remember that it's just a 'not positve yet'.
  • Oh really? I didn’t know that! 

    Might be worth getting some different ones and testing with a digital in a few days? 
  • Yes I think that might be better :) digital ones only after your AF was due. 
  • Agree save the digitals get yourself a pink dye test, a frer if you can x
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