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Pregnant on birth control?

Hello everyone, sorry if that’s not the right category but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a better one. 

My name’s Giulia, I’m 19 and I’m from Italy, so sorry if my English’s not the best too.  
I started taking birth control again after a pause 3 months ago, I’m in fact currently at the 1st week of the 3rd pack now. 
So, what happened is I firstly forgot to take one pill in the middle of the second pack, but wasn’t a big deal for me since it already happen to me before, and I know that forgetting a pill in the middle of the pack doesn’t mean you are at risk of becoming pregnant. 

But, I had an unprotected intercourse during the 4 day pause and I forgot to start the new pack so I started it one day late, the night after I should’ve started it. 

Now it’s exactly the 8th day of the 3rd pack and I’m feeling nauseous and bloated, even though I know it probably is a mental thing. 

Thank you for your attention and help :)


  • Can someone help🙏🏼
  • Okay basically when you're on the pill, you're not ovulating. When you're not ovulating, you can't get pregnant. That's the most important part about to know.
    You forgot to take a pill in the middle of the pack. That might be an issue, as this is the time when you would normally ovulate, IF you wouldn't take the pill. But with forgetting one pill, the chances of sponatneous ovulation are very, very low. 
    You had unprotected intercourse during the 4 day pause. This is normally the time where the cycle starts again. The chances of getting pregnant then, if you don't take the pill, are very low. And because you're taking the pill, the chances are even lower. 
    And you're on day 8. Which isn't even the day you would ovulate, that would happen around day 14. And then it would take a couple of days more for an implantation to happen. So no, I really don't think you're pregnant. 
    But you know, I've been there, done that. I understand that you now starting to get symptoms, I was exactly the same. And it's very, very likely it's just a mental thing. But that being said, why don't you just take a pregnancy test to get peace of mind? 
  • I know a lady who missed one pill and got pregnant. Just take a test like Bundaberg said. Good luck!
  • I got pregnant on depo injection, sadly miscarried but it is possible 🙌🏻 X
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