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TTC while breastfeeding 18 month old

Hiya mums I'm just wondering if anyone has any useful advice for me or has been/is going through the same thing....

So me and my partner have decided to try for baby #4 this summer. DD is 18 month old and is still feeding 3 times a day in the morning, naptime and bed time (occasionally in the night but not often). My periods returned last month and lasted the normal 6 days exactly how they were before pregnancy. This month however I have not come on my period. I am having all the PMS symptoms and cramps but just no actual period... It's making it hard to know when ovulation is happening so ttc is virtually impossible right now! And just for reference I am not pregnant haha.

Any help appreciated! 


  • I have a friend who was breastfeeding and got pregnant about that time, with an 18 month old, but she only breastfed morning and evening, a little at night, and she said the milk had nearly dried up so there was just a little for her toddler to drink. Maybe try reducing the amount of milk you produce??
  • Hello!

    My period came back 7 months after my son was born and me and my partner decided not to use contraception and try for number 2 straight away. It took 9 months to conceive my daughter in the end as once I started ovulating again after a couple of months, I seemed to ovulate too late in the cycle to get pregnant (e.g. CD 24).

    I did two things which was (although I felt guilty about it) slowly cutting down my sons feeds once he turned 1 (once he was down to 2 he sort of naturally began to lose interest and self-weaned over a couple of months anyway) and I also started taking Vitex to try and balance out my progesterone and prolactin, something I'd read about on forums.

    I am currently breastfeeding my 15 month old 2 times a day and in cycle 6 TTC - have recently started taking Vitex again too!

    Everyone is different of course.. I have a friend who exclusively breastfed her first son and still got her period and got pregnant again straight away and had another son 12 months later. Hope something there helps xx
  • Were you on birth control before you decided to ttc this time? Or have you only had one period since your baby has been born, which may be down to breastfeeding?

    I am still nursing an 19 month old, but I am on birth control, so I am obviously not ttc!!

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