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Was it too early to test?

Hi all,
Just looking for some advice here. My husband and I weren't technically ttc right now but not being super careful either haha. I am tracking my cycle currently and ended up ovulating early, so we then looked back and realized that we had had unprotected sex 5 days before which is still in the fertile window. I am now about 10 DPO (and think I may be having some pregnancy symptoms, but could just be overthinking) so I took an early detection Clear Blue test this morning but it was negative. I think I'm about 4 days before my expected period, but don't know for sure. So two questions! 1. Has anyone gotten pregnant from 5 days before ovulation 2. Do you think there's still a chance I'm pregnant? Trying not to get my hopes up but always wanted to be a mum so it's hard haha. Thanks for your input!


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