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Hi had period 28/3 then light spotting on the 3/6 til the 8/6 then no period this month been getting cramping in left side should I be worried I’m type 1 diabetic as well didn’t find out with my last child til I was 14 weeks been getting negative tests I am 43 this year I’m worried if it’s serious phones gp can’t fit me in for chat till Friday need advice please 


  • No other pregnancy signs but tummy looks rounder as if I am pregnant I would be 10 weeks now just worried incase of the dreaded c x
  • I'm 28 weeks now at 6dpo I Had cramping on my right side and felt like I had a really bad period was on the way then day af due I got my bfp try not to worry to much and see what doctor says good luck 
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