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OV… help?!

Hi guys! 

First post here.

Wondered if anyone could give me their thoughts on when I may have ovulated? Sorry if tmi! 

So I suspect I ov on 8th, I had ewcm on 5th and 7th (seen a lot of people say you ov on or around the last day you see ewcm??) with some cramping and sharp pains on left side, so of course dtd. 

But then Friday had some intense lower back pains which I think could also be a sign? 

Had cramping and sore bbs ever since but don’t think it will happen for me this time! 

Any thoughts are appreciated🙏


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    @JLJ2514 would you consider using ovulation sticks to determine when you ovulate. I used the clear blue digital ones and they were pretty accurate. The ewcm can happen anytime around ovulation and it is hard to know exact day from it alone. The pain may indicate ovulation. I get pain when I ovulate and so can pretty much tell when it is happening. It is better to do the deed in the days leading up to ovulation so sometimes by time you feel the pain you have missed an opportunity. 

    If you aren't successful this month give the sticks a go. Good luck xx
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