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Can the control line be fainter than the other line? Am I pregnant?

I came off the pill 6 months ago and my cycles have not been regular. 
My period is late by 13 days and I have sore boobs. 
I thought time to take a pregnancy test.
this was after I got it in my head maybe I was having a phantom pregnancy..
anyhow took the test and two lines appeared in seconds. 
However I’m a bit confused as the control line is faint and the other line is strong compared to the instructions.
am I pregnant or not?


  • Congratulations you are most definitely pregnant. That is known as a dye stealer. Basically the hcg is so strong in your urine it’s pulling the dye out of the control line on to the test line. This fits perfectly with being 13 days late for your period. You are probably around 6 weeks pregnant!! 
  • Hey thank you for replying ☺️ I’m going to do another one tomorrow just to double check! Maybe one with a word reading.. 
  • If you can get the clear blue digital
    with weeks get that. It will probably say +3 weeks for you. 
    Good luck and keep us updated x
  • Congratulations to you!  A similar thing happened to me yesterday!  I took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning and the positive test line appeared immediately and I had to wait for the control line to appear and I was so confused because it's usually the other way around. So I had two solid lines after a few minutes,  the control line slightly feint though. 
    This morning I took another test and it came back negative. The type of symptoms I'm feeling are just too strong. Could it be that the HCG is too much, maybe multiples pregnancy?  Because yesterday's test really confused me,  I could only establish that it's positive either way,  today,  negative - how? 
  • Oh no how odd? Did you use exactly the same pregnancy test? I was reading up on false positive evaporation lines which is why I def want to retest again. I’ve still yet to retest. Was desperate for a wee at 5am this morning so got to wait for my first wee tomorrow!
  • I hope everything went well for you
  • I did another test and it said the same thing so guess I’m pregnant!! Now the waiting game for a scan. Is it off that I don’t feel sick at all? 
  • Congratulations! That's awesome news. All the very best to you and your little one. Unfortunately mine turned out to be a biochemical pregnancy. Just waiting to finish passing off everything. I've been TTC since March, so I tested early otherwise I wouldn't have known about it.
  • Aww no I’m sorry to hear 😞. What does TTC mean?
    I think I had a chemical pregnancy the previous two months as I was late both those times and had excessive spotting that’s why I decided to test much later this month as sometimes it’s beat not knowing x
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