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I don’t want to feel like a green eyed monster

Me and my partner have been trying to convince well … for more then 2 years, I lost my mom 3 years ago and my sex drive completely went! was literally close to a year but have since felt better in myself and me and my partner have been trying, I just feel like it’s never going to happen! People all around me are falling pregnant and I’ve just found out my sister is pregnant after a couple of months of trying to conceive, obviously I’m over the moon for her and already love the daughter she has like my own! I just get really upset and down that’s it’s never going to happen for me and to top it off I’m also throwing one of my best friends a baby shower as she had an unexpected pregnancy, again I’m so happy for her but again why not me! 


  • It's a horrible feeling but don't beat yourself up about it, you just need to wrap yourself up and take care of you!  Frankly all of us on this forum have had this feeling many times over! I'm boiling over sometimes with jealousy. I did bow out of organising my BFs baby shower recently and also didn't attend. She was so lovely and understanding - is there anyway you can just chat to her and pass the duty to someone else...even if you attend it at least doesn't mean you're having to be in the thick of it? Your sis will also understand. Your green eyes don't change the love you feel! I have been having horrid moments where I think i will get the same news from mine even though she said she's not ready yet. 
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