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Any advice for baby number 2?

I had my first baby, a handsome little man Sullivan who just turned 1 in June when I was 37 (feel pregnant at 36).  His dad and I have been trying for the past few months to conceive baby number two but now I'm 38.  Trying not to get fixated on age, but feel like it is taking its sweet time! Any advice on things to try? 


  • Just relax  is the best advice my second was my longest to conceive she took 6 months I'm Having number 4 now ill be 38 in October and fell second month with this  little one with my 3rd and this one I also used a app to track predicted ovualtion and best days to try and conceive good luck 
  • I was using Clear Blue for awhile but it got on my nerves, so I also just used the fertility tracker on this website and circled the days on the calendar, and like Sj83 said, try to relax on those days and let things just be, not let myself get stressed or riled up about stuff. Minimal coffee, no alcohol, enough food (no dieting), and just keep it low key. Sex every other day so I don't stress my man out.
  • thanks for the responses :) now this month, did a pregnancy test last week as my period was due on Friday 20th August.  (Clear blue, not the digital one) and it came back negative.  My period still hasn't arrived now on day 33 of cycle. Usually i am 28/29 days.  Think in my head I don't want to be disappointed by doing another test, so I am just waiting because I don't want to test, get upset and then have my period arrive. 

  • Last day of the cycle - longest day of the month! But that you made it past several days, maybe you get the bfp??
  • @GirlUp8 unfortunately I didn't, my cycle arrived after 37 days :( 

  • Hang in there, it took me 6 months with this one but my first I fell pg as soon as coming off the pill and my 2nd after 1 month. I was beginning to lose hope this time and then bam there it was 😅🤞🏼 X
  • Yes, hang in there. I had 2 miscarriages this year after already having 2 healthy kids, still hoping for another healthy full-term pregnancy soon. It helps me to know those babies are with God, but I'd like to have another one down here on earth too.
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