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Please help! ...

Need some advice. I plan to call the docs but tbh he is probably not going to be much help. 
Here is my story... back in April AF was 11 days late I took a test and got a faint positive then a few days later started to bleed. 
May came and again I was a week late! This time with several faint positives but then I bled this time it messed me up I felt ill and weak etc and doc said more than likely a miscarriage. 
June i was due on just before fathers day so did a test and again! Faint positive but started to bleed a few days later (not as painful or heavy but like a period bleed) July another faint positive followed by bleeding! I started to spot 4 days after af had finished and my CM has been like water! I'm lost whats going on! Are these failed pregnancies or tests. I'm going to call and find out if he can do bloods to see if its something else but im very confused. What can mess with pregnancy tests? I've been feeling extra dizzy and off balance and nauseous some days. We are TTC and already have 2 beautiful girls with no conception problems that we know of. 
I need to test between periods to see what the results are. 
Also has anyone had a period like bleed and still been pregnant? 
I was using first response tests and also just the standard strip tests from amazon.


  • I guess my question would be what has changed since you had the 2nd child? Have you changed your diet, exercise habits, could age be a factor, did you take the jab? Maybe your husband took it? Those are all factors to consider.
  • Hiya, thank you for the reply. No everything is still the same for me ive put on a bit of weight but not loads (im still only 8st11)  and im now 30 lol I haven't had the jab but he has. 
    I called the doc on Friday as I was unbelievably nauseous and dizzy but he just said to call EPU as still could be pregnant but they couldn't help as I had just had a period. I'm spotting again now starting yest 🤦‍♀️ im going to get more tests in the morning and just double check before I call him back. 
  • Listen, I know this may not be what you wanna hear, but it's possible your husband taking the jab could be affecting your menstrual cycle. That could be why you feel off. As far as the nausea and dizziness Idk. The main picture for this video is way different than the content, which is several doctors discussing the issue -

  • Three chemical pregnancies in a row, now 27 weeks pregnant. STM. In truth this (chemical pregnancy) happens much more than we know about or more to the point talk about...because let’s face it, if you were not testing you’d never know you were pregnant at such an early date. Second or third etc pregnancies often turn out to be harder than first- age, impact of previous pregnancy and birth etc can affect things- nature is a complex thing. I know it’s tough but for some, this is more of a journey than an instant right. It’s not fair but it is what it is. My best advice is try never to test until at least a week after your period is due. It really helps psychologically. The ttc groups here are so supportive and really help. There is a testing in august group that will undoubtedly have some lovely ladies in it. Good luck 🤞 
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