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clomid bfp

Hi i took clomid for 2 months 50mg 3-7 days and ovulated both times but did not get pregnant then i took a 3 month break and got back on it last month clomid 50mg 3-7 days went for follicle scan cd12 and showed 3 follicles on the right side which were 33mm, 25mm and 12mm and on the left were 4 small follicles not sure if i ovulated cd13 or cd14 as i've had bad cramping those two days on the side with the big forward to now monday 2nd of aug by my progrestorone blood test at hospital i was 9-10dpo i took a pregnancy dip strip test and it showed faint positive but bright pink then came home took another test but a other brand (cassette) test and it was bfn but did see today there is a vvvfline then early afternoon took another test dip strip and it was faint bfp again so confused :/ the next morning with smu took another ic and it was bfn then early afternoon took the test below which were faint pink bfp then i waited until this morning and took another (cassette) test and it was bfn again then the same time took a dip strip test again which showed a fainter positive and i have extremely bad leg cramps and my period is due in 2 days the 6th aug which is friday am i pregnant or what is happening? please read and give me advise i really need it i did contact the doctor and she said i should wait 2 weeks and come in the positives means nothing to her....the cramps is really my biggest concern and i've been having it for 2 days and today i'm probably 11-12dpo.


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