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Please help are these faint lines

There are from Monday until today (Saturday) what does anyone think are these positive the strips were through the week and the first response was today all lines showed up in 3 minutes 


  • hi bluebell46. I can definitely see the lines on all the tests. However, I am concerned because the lines are not getting darker even after all those days, when it should be. Maybe a blood test would clear things up?
  • Hi, I can definitely see your lines. However I think you should test with a different test, only because the lines haven't got any darker throughout the week. They could be evaporation lines. I have recently had evaporation lines just like your tests, which shocked me as I have my tubes tied, however my period came within days after. Try a clear blue test, or ask docs for a blood test. I have my fingers crossed for you xx
  • I can only see lines on the cheap ones I would expect to see a much clearer line on the first response one wjen is your af due 
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