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Faint positive or evaporation line?

Hi everyone!  I’m very new to this.  I got off depo 4 months ago thinking it would take me about a year to conceive, but after being late this month I decided to test.  I got a clear blue result after the 10 minute mark and a very faint line on an early response almost instantly.  I am not sure what to think of them.  Are they positives or evaps? 


  • They look positive to me! Maybe you can try a digital one? Nothing to guess with their results ;)
  • Thanks!  I just took two.  A CB and a FR.  Both negative.  I keep getting clear positives on blue dye tests and faint positives on FR.  I guess I am prone to very deceptive evaps 🙃
  • Definitely positive! Congratulations!  Digital tests are not as sensitive as dye tests hun, I'd try another in a week or so, but them dye tests are definitely positive. xx
  • Thank you so much for the encouragement.  My OB said just to come in on Monday so I’ll let you know.  
  • Your very welcome, good luck with your appointment, keep us updated! 💜
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