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Think im pregnant ?

So Ttc  for 8months now. I had a browny looking bleed when i wiped on Saturday then it turned pink. Had cramps on and off since, headache, nausea, cant sleep feel warmer than usual. My periods arent regular never have been but nurse said i am fertile when i saw her few.months ago. I had test this morning bfn


  • Please if any one can share there symtoms etc id be great ful. I've also had pale yellow cm xxx
  • Hi @Kerryanne1990
    Unfortunately there is no textbook to go after when it comes to pregnancy symptoms - that would actually be brilliant! So every symptom that could be early pregnancy related is also comparable to pre-AF symptoms, as they are the same hormones at that stage. I can tell you that in those months I got a BFP, I had no symptoms at all. But for other women it's the opposite. 
    That being said, there's no way to tell you if you're pregnant or not. The only thing you can do is test. I'd suggest you buy a FRER or any early detection with pink dye (no digital, they aren't sensitive enough if you're early).
    Also, if you have irregular cycles it might be a good idea to start with ovulation kits as it will help you determine when you ovulate, and when you should expect your next AF - so you know when you'd be late and don't have to guess each month. 
  • Symptoms are sooooo confusing!!! I had times when I was getting really strong symptoms and AF was late and it turned out to be nothing. I got my BFP this week and I’ve had no real symptoms to speak of - I only tested to rule out pregnancy as I had a laparoscopy booked for tomorrow. 
    The only thing that will tell you for sure is a test so definitely get a FRER as Bundaberg said and just keep testing if you don’t get AF. 
    Good luck! I really hope your symptoms are the real thing 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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