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37 and ttc #3

This is a long post so please bear with me. I’m 37 and my hubby and I are trying for #3. My hubby and I have been trying since March of 2020. I did one round of Clomid in July of this year and nothing. I did not like the painful ovulation cramps that came with taking clomid. I reached back out to my OB last week to see what else can be done and they suggested testing my progesterone levels but she doesn’t seem to think that is the issue. Please forgive me but why bother testing it if you think that’s not the issue? I asked if there are any other tests that can be done between now and my next cycle(9/18) and she suggested a HSG test. I was honestly hoping she would say a vaginal ultrasound of my uterus to make sure I no longer have cysts and polyps. I feel like they are not taking me serious bc I have 2 kids already. I told her since my most recent pregnancy in 2019 my body does not feel the same internally. I only produce cervical mucus 25% of the time when I ovulate and this is not how my body was pre baby#2. I have always produced a good amount of cervical mucus every ovulation pre baby#2. Now the day after ovulation I get pretty moderate to intense period cramps until I have my cycle 2 weeks later. This recent ovulation cycle my uterus was cramping so bad I could feel it In my vaginal opening and not in my abdomen. Am I making too big a deal out of nothing? I spoke to a friend who is a general practitioner and she told me I have not been trying to conceive long enough compared to a lot of other people and I’m not infertile and i should just chill and listen to my doctor and it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I was a bit hurt by her comment. I never said I was infertile. I just feel like something is not right internally, that’s all. Thoughts and opinions please? Thanks I’m advance.


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