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TTC October 2021

Hello everyone. 

I thought I would start a thread for anyone ttc from October.

I had my Mirena coil removed after 9 months on 13th September. 
I had a short withdrawal bleed just after (17-19th) and then another bleed (23rd-27th) would you say this was my period?

I am using Ovia to help me track. 

Kylie xxx


  • 3 days past D&C following missed miscarriage…. I have no idea when I’m going to ovulate but I’ll start OPK testing next week and see what happens 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

    Our fertility team are restarting investigations from the start of my next cycle but said no reason to wait to try if we want to - it seems wrong to use contraception to stop the thing we want so much from happening so we’re just going to carry on as normal, I’m not going to focus on it too much yet though, just watch my cycle and see what happens 

    good luck to everyone TTC this month, it’s such a difficult ride, sending you all my love xxxx
  • Sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!

    Ovia claims my fertile window starts on Wednesday. I didn't want to start using OPKs yet as didn't want to focus on it all too much yet, but I am tempted to buy some. 

  • So sorry to hear your sad news @kelb79. Sending lots of love and best wishes to you x

    Apps seem to think I have ov late and due to changes in my cm and ov sticks I agree that it was later than apps predicted. Currently 6dpo but we only managed to bd once in this cycle as my ov cramps and cramps in general made me feel rubbish most of the days I was most fertile so I’m not holding out much hope. My husband and I have a doctors appointment regarding our fertility on Thursday so will be interesting to see what comes of that. Much love to all xx
  • KelB79- Glad your d & c went well physically but sad for you that you were let down by the hospital. Sounds like a real emotional rollarcoaster. 
    Yes soo many women that we know have miscarriages but keep quiet about it. I thought I was going through a miscarriage with my first and discovered in talking about it with my family my step mum had suffered a late miscarriage. I do think things are more open now than they used to be thankfully. 
    How are things with your OH now? My OH is similar, amazing practically but needs talking to as to how he can help me emotionally sometimes. I don't need you to fix things, I just need you to listen! 
    How was work? Tough having to go back so soon. 

    Emmastar84- don't give up, you only need it to happen once. 

    MrsSpiller2021- II've found cheapie ov sticks from Amazon just as good as expensive ones. Although if this is just the beginning for you , enjoy the fun part before getting obsessed with sticks and temps etc! 
  • Cd 2 here. Month 16 TTC. I made it through this cycle without crying. Not sure if thats a win or if its sad that I'm just over it.
  • Hey ladies. I'm on CD14 now and I'm logging everything into Ovia, but it keeps changing my fertile window. I did give in and buy some OPKs. I'm still none the wiser, as yesterday's was lighter than the ones before, hope I haven't missed it! We have been BDing a lot so fingers crossed! Xxx
  • Fed up. Premom app predicts ov wed yet I've been experiencing twinges and feeling uncomfortable in that area yesterday and today. I've taken a test at midday and I'm close with the test line about a shade lighter than the control. I told my oh I'm entering my fertile window, please don't have a drink so he gets drunk and is hungover today so not feeling up to it. So as it looks as if I'm going to ov earlier than expected these days are ideal to bd. Only had one chance last month and I'm now fearing it will be the same this month. I just feel like crying, all he has to do is bd whereas its so much more stressful for a woman. Holding my pee , not having my tea in the morning which gets me going because I don't want to dilute my wee, analysing everything and then having to wait for the longest two weeks and feel like crap when af arrives once again.... And all he has to do is have sex!!  Sorry I'm norm more upbeat but not today and I can't talk to anyone else about it as nobody knows I'm trying. 
  • @hannah22 I know what you mean. Me and my husband always end up an argument whenever I am in my fertile window and I am person that needs to build up the mood else I can't. So I made him download flo and update my period dates and monitor. I told him to check the dates and do not go into argument no matter how difficult it is. Before I told him off to download the app, I was like you. It felt that I was all alone in this journey (when both of us want another child so badly) and I try not to go into any argument and set the mood right during the fertile window. I felt I was the only one making the effort and was anxious when AF dates was near and all the symptom spotting. Maybe you can try to talk to him about getting the app? It helps me for sure. He is more aware now.
  • Milecyoj- well I've missed my ov 😢
    My ov sticks are going down so it looks as if I ovulated right after my period ended. Heard of this happening but to my knowledge has never happened to me before.. Premom has adjusted my dates and acc to them my next window is whilst I'm back in the UK.. My OH was going but now thinks he is more likely to stay here so next month is out of the window as well..
    I asked if he would download the app, I knew he would say no and he did and said he has enough to do. To be fair I can just tell him the dates and mark it on the kitchen calendar. It's only the window which makes me anxious. I'm ok in the 2ww. 
    Anyway, nice to know I'm not alone 😁
  • yea its the same for my DH and I. except he just has a low sex drive. Like he's fine with BD maybe once a week or less. So getting him to BD 2-3 times in fertile week is a challenge. He also thinks its too much pressure when I tell him its fertile week but also wont be up for more BDing if he doesnt know. So its a lose lose situation for me.
  • @hannah22 I was tracking using OV sticks for 2 cycles and stopped because it confuses me. Unless you do it everyday once your period is over it will be clearer since you can compare. Its also a good idea to mark on the calendar that he will see. I think the key is they should be aware and put effort into it. Woman really think a lot and start examining and worry when they is a slight change to our body. I guess its diff for man. 

    @Poca92 It takes effort for both to get pregnant. So getting him to download the app or marking on calendar is a more subtle way for him to know so he can be more natural about it rather than telling it to him. That's what I feel when I tell my husband.
  • Poca92- I get that it is pressure on them but in comparison to the pressure on us it pales in comparison! Where are you in your cycle? 

    Mileycyoj- It is a pain sometimes using the ov sticks. But if I hadn't used them this cycle I wouldn't have known I ovulated early. Unfortantely I completely missed this month which depresses me, but if I hadn't used the sticks I would still be under the misapprehension that I ov wed and was in with a chance. At least I don't have the 2ww. Small mercies.. I'll just have to start testing as soon as my period ends rather than wait until I'm close to my predicted ov date. 
    The good thing about premom is that it does adjust itself around the data you input. So as soon as I put in my test result it changed the date of ov and expected date for my period. 
  • What CD are you all on? Xx
  • Poca92 said:
    @MrsSpiller2021 CD9 today
    Fertile window approaching for you then! 😊
    I'm on CD21 and sooo nervous now xx
  • Hey everyone 😘
    Hope you’re all ok 🙏🏼 
    Oh guys! I’ve had all the OH problems through all of this too!
    we went through phases of him practically avoiding sex as the scientific approach was making him
    feel like a sperm donor! He’s incredibly sensitive! 
    The whole process got him staying up and drinking and caused huge arguments! Then, when I got pregnant, he did the same to try and get his head around it, then, when I miscarried, he did the same to hide and process it all in his way! 
    Our arguments have been insane but oddly it’s also brought us closer together and onto the same page moving forward. He’s obsessed with ovulation stuff now 🤣
    losing the baby has made him realise just how much he wanted it 🤷🏼‍♀️ He’s not scared anymore - the worst has already happened. 
    Most of their behaviour is definitely through fear even if it seems like disinterest so definitely try to talk to them 🙏🏼🙏🏼
    I’ve had a tough few weeks - I still don’t feel great - dizziness, headaches, insane tiredness!! I have days of feeling like it never even happened when I feel I can cope but others when I just want to cry all day. It’s harrowing!! 
    God knows when I’ll start to feel normal physically or emotionally 😞
    I have no idea what’s happening with my cycle so I can’t monitor anything which is good I guess - less chance for obsessing!! 
    I’ve been OPK testing but my HCG levels have been up still so the tests have shown crazy highs, they’re starting to come down though so hopefully things will get back to normal soon 🙏🏼🙏🏼 
    Im so so tired of this crappy process, two years of TTC was bad enough but to finally have hope only for it to be dashed again….. how does anyone carry on???
    praying for some BFPs for some of us soon 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • So sorry to hear about your miscarriage @kelb79 sending you lots of sticky baby dust xx
  • This journey is hard and it can cause problems with the oh. It's refreshing being honest with each other without feeling judged and not only that but discovering we're not the only one not feeling fully supported sometimes.
    KelB79 - I'm soo glad that your oh is being fully supportive in such a difficult time for you both. My OH does the same with the drinking when he's stressed. It's good that you've come out the other side in your communication with him. 
    You're feeling bloody awful right now and I wish there was something more I could say. You're grieving and it's hard and it would be great if you could just fast forward on the pain. Please know you have support and well wishes on here anytime xxx
  • @MrsSpiller2021 actually O'd 2 days early so 1 dpo today.
    @KelB79 so sorry for what you're going through. I'm happy you and DH are going in the right direction.

    I have no idea how people deal with infertility for years without simply  becoming desensitized to feelings. I didnt cry for the first time in month 16 but still get all hopeful and excited after ovulation happens. I hope we all get to hold our babies soon.
  • So I'm CD 25 now and have been having a range of symptoms in the last few days....

    On/off nausea
    Heightened sense of smell
    Enlarged, sore boobs
    Hot flashes - last night I woke up drenched in sweat
    More trips to the loo

    I took a test yesterday, but was negative. Ovia says I should test in 4 days (Saturday). 

    Does it sound like this could be it? Or could it be a placebo? Xx

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