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Line eyes needed

So last bleed 13th Sept for about 3ish days (withdrawal bleed) none since except some light pink spotting 4th/5th Oct. Nipples sore, stomach feels bloated and odd cramps occasionally acne is terrible! Nausea off and on.

Did clear blue tests sat fmu
Frer sat morning 4th wee of the day negative/unclear
Freedom strip tests sat and today


  • Can’t see anything on the strips but clear blue can. Did you retest? 
  • I did indeed like a mad women 🤣 the strips never got darker just more intense shadow lines. Really hard to photo and partner couldn't see them either. I think the clear blue were right as the day after November 1st I got my faint positive frer and so on wasn't till Thursday I got a positive digi. I was very very early about 1-2 weeks since conception but I knew something was off with my body. My bloods confirmed I was ealy hcg was 64 its now 230

  • Congrats!!
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