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Is this it?

So 1st first response 6 days sooner taken sat morning not fmu faint pink line, 2nd taken Sunday night pink faint line... couldn't believe it! Took a clear blue weeks indicator Monday FMU NOT PREGNANT thought lines might be indent or something so as I'm booked to see EPAU tomorrow so I did my last clear blue indicator and faulty test didn't work feeling annoyed haha. So I went and got some more 6 days sooner 1st response well this came up immediately is this a true line and good progress no idea how far along I might be haven't had a bleed for over 50 days and light spotting 4/5th Oct 


  • I’d say that’s a true positive 😁
  • Omg I'm literally in shock right now. Just looking at those tests I can't see the other lines which is why I began to think evap (though they came up straight away) I'm waiting for the weeks indicator to be sent to me but I guess I'll know tomorrow when I go for a scan I hope all is OK I'm really scared 
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩 yeesss !!!!! 
  • Congrats! X
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