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Am I pregnant?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. My partner and I are trying to conceive and these are some tests in amongst negative ones. It is 21 days today since conceiving. I have done 2 digital clear blue ones and they have both come back as negative, I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about clear blue and won’t be using again. Am I to assume I am pregnant by these tests? I have irregular periods so am unsure when my next one is to be? I have pretty much all pregnancy symptoms and have done for about 2/3 weeks. Please help🥺🥺


  • Hi lovely, those all look positive! About the digital ones, unless you bought one of those super early ones, they aren't as sensitive as the other tests you did according to the pictures. Test again with them in a couple of days, they should be positive by then.
  • They all look positive to me! I’d retest in a few days and hopefully the line should be darker x
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