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Dark brown implantation bleed

I had an abortion in February due to severe sickness

I took the pill

After getting blood work done, the drs found I was extremely low in vitamin D and zinc that's why I had to be on a drip during pregnancy

We started trying again in August as I've been on supplements since then

I fell pregnant in September but miscarried 6 weeks in

My period cycle is normally 29 days 

I had 2 periods in October one on the 1st & then 31st

But on the 28th November I had a brown, sticky thick discharge

It turned into a bleed and filled 1 pad and leaked a little on to my knickers

But there was no blood in the toilet when I peed meaning there was no blood flowing out of my vagina

There was a small clot that looked like a sac that came out but other than that nothing 

I haven't taken a test because I want to know if anyone else has experienced the same and still was pregnant 

All comments and advice is needed 


  • @Katie767 do you use anything to track ovulation such as OPKs and BBT? that would help pinpoint ovulation and shed better light on your situation. IF you're filling a pad I would lean towards this being AF and just an unusual one. The only way to know for sure is to take the pregnancy test.
  • No I didn't check with kits

    I thought it might be an unusual AF too. Just had a blood test done and it's negative. 

    I don't know why I still feel extremely fatigued and my boobs are leaking breast milk. I haven't breastfed DS2 since he was 8 months. He's 1yr 4 months now.

    I thought maybe it's because I was stressed for the past week, with my daughter being sick in hospital

    My next AF is due around 28th Dec so I'll wait til then...
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