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Hello, I need some veteran moms help. Having weird things going on.

Hey thanks for reading my post. I never make posts on these kinds of websites, however I am looking for some help. I know there are many like this already. I am currently freaking out. I regularly keep up with my period and cycles, and I’m very in tuned with my body. I’m currently 10dpo. I having some weird things going on. I am feeling super spaced out, I can’t focus on anything; and oddly happy. I have been sick every other day for the last few days(feeling just blah like I wanna lay in bed all day). I have cried while listening to music(which I normally don’t do). Also TMI but I have been so turned on the last couple of days like wanting it 3X a day(which is not me either). Also my heart is airy and beating fast(might be bc I’m scared lol). I just over all feel wierd.

anyway… I’m scared I’m pregnant.. I just had my son 4 months ago…
I was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms.. I took a test but it was negative.. but deep down I really think I am.. 

thanks for reading(and responding if you do). I really appreciate it<3
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