Gavin and Stacey!

Is anyone watching it?! It's hilarious, uncle bryn discussing ttc with Gav, i loves it I do! x x


  • I loes it i do too!
    Thanks for reminding me
    Off to watch it now, I am!
    Good job it's recording on Sky+
  • Oh whats occuring!

    It's a corker this week, i'm goingto cry when it's over I am!x x
  • OMG = it's fab!!

    the dawn and pete wedding vows were hilarious!!!

    Jodie xx
  • They were fab, I loved the ring, pure class! I loved it in the last series when she called pete a poisonous dwarf!

    I also loved Smithy and Rudey fighting, cracks me up! x x x
  • Oh yeah the fighting was class!!! Bryn always steals the show though, it's absolutely genius!! - Baby "Neil" cracks me up everytime i hear his name!
  • Still watchin now!
    Had to pause it for a couple of phonecalls.
    It's fab
    I agree the fight in the shop was hilarious.
  • i think i'm missing out on something here! i dont watch much tv, knightrider on fiver on thurs is the only think i have to watch! car is lurvely and mike is sex on legs!!!!! xx
  • RK you must buy the box set., it's lush it is!

    I just love it sooo much, my whole family are! I know when we do have a baby she/he will be called "Isabel/Charlie the baby"

    RK are we talking about the Hoff being sex on legs here????!!! x x x
  • sorry girls Ive got to admit Im a late devleoper when it comes to gavin and stacey - ive only watched the last 2 episodes but I now love it! the box set is on my xmas list!

  • Don't worry PB, you're putting it right!

    I got into it last christmas afetr watching christmas special. My sister got series 2 so we watched that, loved it so much went out and bought series 1 and watched all of that all in space of 3 days! x x
  • Lol!

    I LOVE it too!

    I love it from the first series with Nessa and Smithy ... 'Where to she now?!' Haha!!

    Is it really evil of me as I was waiting for Stacey to get her BFP and would have gone mad and poor hubby would have got an ear full of me saying 'it's not as easy as that, it doesn't always happen first go blah blah blah'! But now I feel really bad as she got a BFN! Evil Amy! xx
  • MP I'd hope Rocky's talking about 'new' knightrider not the hoff!
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