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Hi everyone! Am new to this site am 37 years old,single and have chosen to become a single mum.

I have found a wonderful donor I've been trying for the last 5 months I've started using the mira fertility plus machine app the last 2 months.

I have noticed I have a short luthea phase (10 days) this is the part of the cycle between ovulation and menstrual with such a short luthea I'm afraid it isn't time enough for implantation I think this makes it harder too conceive.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?

It would be nice to talk to other woman and couples trying to conceive. 

It's only been 5 months and I'm already frustrated! Am overjoyed and terrified at the same time a new month rolls round.


  • Hey there, good for you @mumbychoice. It's a brave decision to go it alone but it is more than doable and I am sure you will be a fab mum. Tbh when I had my son the biggest challenge was the change in my relationship initially and not the stress of a new born...!

    Anyway I have a short luteal phase. But mine is pathetically short... Like 7 to 8 days. I knew I wasn't going to get pregnant without extending it so after several months and 2 chemical pregnancies (with I attribute to short lp(I went private and asked for progesterone and got preg first month on it. My sister had a similar terrible luteal phase ( also suffered chemical pregs) and she too got prog and first month was preg. So I don't believe it can be a coincidence.

    We are trying again. This is first month of it and will be using prog again, so hopefully the miracle drug does it's job.

    I also have every sympathy for you as every Month feels like an eternity in ttc. It took us 8 months and I thought it would never happen and many have told me that 8 months was nothing.... But it is when u are the one living it every day. 

    Are u tracking ovulation and doing your basal body temperature (bbt) to confirm ov? Xx
  • Hi @cheesecoleslaw86, I want to thank you for getting in touch and sharing your experience it's really gd to talk to other woman that have went through some of the same problems and that dreadful tww.

    yes am tracking my bbt everyday of the month and I've been using the mira fertility machine it measures your Lh,Estrogen and Progestrone.

    It's how I noticed the short luthea phase on my charts every month.
    My progestrone was 12.5ml 4 days before ovulation 5.3ml the day before ovulation is this okay for progestrone or is this low as I have no idea.

    At least if I can link the progestrone to my short luthea phase I will know what to do. Do you know what your progestrone was when you conceived?

  • I am not sure of the metrics of my prog but I got my bloods taken 7 days after ovulation (they are called day 21 bloods, which aren't day 21 for everyone. It is based on a 28 day cycle where u ovulate on day 14 and then 7 days after ovulation is day 21) I ovulate late, around day 17/18 and therefore I had my bloods done on day 25, 7 days after ovulation. My progesterone was 13....which is low. I think at this stage it should be around 16 at the very least. But I was told 'it wasn't that low so would prob be fine' 🙄

    The consultant who gave me the progesterone said it prob wouldn't make much difference and I'm sure if I told him I got pregnant first month he would say it was luck. Many don't believe in a luteal phase defect. The second consultant I saw to get more prog this time round was a bit more clued in and positive about the use of progesterone. But to get it you will need to pay privately to get the prescription as gp would not consider prescribing it. However once you get prescription from Consultant you can get drugs on the NHS. 

    You can get day 21 bloods done by GP. It's just difficult to plan it for the correct day lol xx

  • Thanks for the information. After ovulation my Pro was 15ml. So will the pro drug help with the short luthea phase? 

    Who did you go private with,how much did it cost if you don't mind me asking?
  • Yes, it helps with short lp as mine was usually 7 to 8 days and as day 9 is the average day of implantation I knew it wasn't ever going to happen. The only thing I would say is prog won't hurt. Worth a shot.

    I got appointment with the Consultant for 160 and then he gave me a script for the prog. It was an expensive appointment but well worth it. And as u are paying privately they don't have any issue with prescribing it. And like I say usually once u get the script the NHS GP will prescribe it for you. If not the drug itself is quite dear... 38 pounds for 2 wks worth. But usually GPS are fairly good xx
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