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So confused

Dear all,

I wonder if anyone can help? I am at a loss and cannot find any answers anywhere.

My cycles are normally 24-26 days, but occasionally do go up to 28-30. I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility and I don’t ovulate. I have been taking Letrozole to help ovulate and am currently on the second cycle. Last cycle my day 21 test was 48, so I ovulated. This month I had the follicular tracking and was told everything looks good and I will ovulate any day (at the time of the appointment, last Friday). The consultant wanted the day 21 7 days after ovulation but that was a Saturday or Sunday and so she unmet and she’s about having it on the following Friday or Monday (yesterday). She settled on yesterday and the results from that are 15.8 nmol/l - meaning no ovulation 😫

my question is can the progesterone levels be low even though I’ve ovulated, if it was taken too late? And if I didn’t ovulate then why did the follicular tracking say I was going to? The consultant is on leave so I cannot get any answers from them. Does anyone have any knowledge? Sorry for the essay! 

Lola x
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