Had doctors results today!!!!

Hi girls hope we are all ok ! Just thought id let you know i had results back from docs today and after natural miscarriage 11 weeks ago and still no period my hcg levels are showing 1 . Not sure what this means as it was nurse who gave me results and said doc would ring to explain but typically no call!!! Also have to wait for other results on fri as hospital still not done them! Just wondering if any of you wise ladies have had something similar or know what this means?? I know they have to be under 5 but do they have to be zero??? I am just so scared after all this waiting i may need a d and c now . will call doc tom but just am worrying tonight :cry::\?:cry::\?:\


  • Hi leanne, sorry you are here. When I had my ectopic pregnancy I had to be 15 to be discharged so I'd say 1 was comletely normal and no d&c would be needed x x
  • Thanks Mafia Princess Feel a little better just wish i knew why i still havent had a period! Will really push doc tom for an answer. Sorry you are here too but thanks for the support. Fingers crossed for our bfp soon xx
  • As far as I know your levels have dropped enough that you would expect a BFN (the only time you want to see it!) So don't worry it doesn't look like you'll need a d&c. Everyone is different so unfortunately for some people it can take a long time for your first period to arrive. Hope you get some answers soon. xxx
  • hey, usually our bodies cant ov with hcg still in our system so until this has gone you wont ov and then u'll get an AF 2 weeks after this. some peoples bodies take longer for this hormome to go, i took 9 weeks to get an AF, try not to worry too much. xx
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