How long did it take.......

For you to get a negative pregnancy test? It's been nearly two weeks since I passed my baby naturally after discovering I had a MMC. I had an appointment to go back to EPAC this morning to have a pregnancy test done and it is still positive. So I've now got to go back next friday to have another one done, then if that's still positive I may need another scan to see if all the tissues from pregnancy have gone etc. It is just such a long process! and I can't seem to be able to move on, as it just keeps being dragged out :cry:
I was so naive to think you miscarried and then everything went back to "normal"
So if any of you lovely ladies have any advice I would appreciate it
Charlotte xxxxxxx


  • im not sure hun as I miscarried two weeks ago and have been to doctors who never mentioned taking pregnancy tests.. are we supposed to? she just said that we could try again as soon as possible and when i feel ready.

  • Just to give you an idea I had my MC on the forth of Feb and got negative test on 8th March so just four weeks but I was almost 11 weeks when I lost the little bean. Some people were two weeks the further along you were the longer it will take to come down. I have had a long and slow recovery though just back to normal now four months later. I would expect negative test any time soon after three weeks my levels were forty four then negative the week after
  • im not sure hun as I miscarried two weeks ago and have been to doctors who never mentioned taking pregnancy tests.. are we supposed to? she just said that we could try again as soon as possible and when i feel ready.


    I don't know if we have to Hun but it's just what my local EPAC do? Maybe a good idea to do one though, especially if you are trying straight away because nurse at epac said if you get a negative pregnancy test and then start trying and then get a positive test you know it's a new pregnancy. Whereas if u never do one and get a positive u might think it's new pregnancy when it could be from MC still. Does that make sense? But I guess it's not necessary otherwise they would have done one for u? Xxxxxx
  • Thanks 3054,
    I guess I might still have a couple of weeks to wait. I was meant to be 11 weeks when I had my scan but baby only measuring 5-6 weeks but I guess my body may have continued to make HCG as I didn't miscarry untill 11 weeks? I just want to be able to close that chapter and move on, although I'll obviously never forget.
    Thanks Hun xxxxx
  • I had a MMC @ 9 weeks and the baby was measuring spot on so only just died. I did a test 2 weeks after and was still +ive. Then did another one about 5 days later and thought it was a -ive untill I looked close. I took that as my -ive as it was so faint if I was looking for a BFP it would have been "am I or arent I"!
    So anyway I think it took me about 3 weeks after D&C to get a negative and I think thats about average.

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks for that babylove, I guess by next friday then it will def be negative. I hope so as i'm finding it really distressing to keep getting positives and knowing that i'm not really pregnant. A couple of months ago I was over the moon to get a BFP! now I want a BFN which is very strange xxx
  • I felt exactly the same hun. I cried my eyes out when it was +ive as I knew I wasnt preg.
    As I have said before, this is the back to front forum as we want -ives and af to appear ;\)
  • I'm currently mc'ing - started spotting on Tuesday, but was still getting a + test until yesterday, which is when I got my 1st negative test result. In saying that I was only just under 5 weeks and so I guess my levels won't have been massively high anyway.

    Hope everything sorts itself out for you
  • My EPAU do the same but because I dont want to keep having appointments (its ??1.70 to park for 30mins) plus its right next to the maternity and scanning departmenst. So not a lot of fun if you've just mc'ed and want to get back to 'normal'

    I have got to ring them when I get my negative result and then I can be officially discharged back to GP.

  • I dont seem to have had any aftercare at all.. I have seen my GP who never even mentioned HCG levels or anything and I told her we wanted to try straight away, all she said was that was fine to do that as there is no issues with conceiving straight away.
    I wonder why I had no aftercare.. I have not had any complications though. maybe its because my miscarriage was spontaneous and all blood etc left me while I was in hospital overnight. hmmm
    well Im just going to take this as a good thing and just keep trying. going to test myself in 4-5 weeks and see what happens, the midwife told me to test at 6 weeks. eeks

  • It is bad that you haven't had any aftercare but I suppose if you are feeling ok and ready to try again then that's ok, good luck with testing, I really hope its positive for you hun xxxxx
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