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Ff chart - cd 41 no ovulation?

Would anyone mind taking a look at my ff chart please? I've had irregular cycles since a loss in Oct, but I thought i was on top of it when my last 3 cycles were between 28-30 days. I started opk testing this month from cd 12 but nothing was happening at all until cd 30. It wasn't positive - my premom app registered it as 0.8 and I put it as positive on ff really just for some input but it assumed I then o'd the next day. As you can see my temps don't really reflect that - although they haven't gone as low as before. I'm now cd 41 and I really don't think I've o'd at all yet and don't really know what I can do to help the situation. I've also long run out of opks and don't really want to bother with them at this stage. It's really getting me down now as this cycle I was the most relaxed I've been about it all in ages but its really testing my patience now. My period will be 2 weeks late next week and for nothing to have happened to even get the ball moving at all is just going to send me mad.

Input and positive vibes will be much appreciated ❤️


  • I feel you. I have been here. I'm sorry its so crap when cycles go on crazy long. All I can suggest is, you could have sex at least every 3 for 4 days and other than that try to switch off as u r not wanting to continue opks at the moment. Then... At least Yr still in with a chance if u ovulate. 

    Also, keep an extra look out for any changes in discharge that might indicate ovulation. 

    From your chart I do think Yr likely right and haven't ovulated yet, unless you've had any changes to your sleep and these could be a bit off? 

    Best of luck and baby dust xxx
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