2WW! Anyone else?

Thats me starting the 2WW. This is our 2nd month since MMC but first proper month. We have taken it easy this month and have only bd'd on Friday night so not sure if it is enough but will find out in 2 weeks ;\)

If this is our month I will be due on OH's 30th birthday image

Anyone else starting the dreaded 2WW?

Good luck all xxx


  • hi hun, im on the 2ww.. im roughly 8-11dpo.
    its a nightmare this waiting. im not using ovulation tests so only went by my cervical mucus. we bd a lot last week and previously.

    fingers crossed for you.

    baby dust
  • hey there, i am 6dpo, we bd on the morning and evening of first peak day and evening on 2nd so hoping we got it coverd. not much pma tho as i dont feel any different xxxx
  • Hi guys! quick question...i usually have a 28 day cycle but last month i had 32days which af came on 24th May...it's now nearly 28th june.

    Which means im like day 36..i hadn't calculated my ov days...but feeling bloated had slight nausea..with very low cramping...keep thinks af is here but is not..

    What do you tink my chances are?
  • hi ttcam, does that make you roughly 4 days late? or more if its a 28 day cycle. I would defintitely test now if I was you image

    oooo keep us updated, hope its your BFP image

  • Hi Babylove,

    I'm 10dpo and it's going so slowly!

    If we get BFP this month, I will be due 10days before DH's 30th birthday. How strange is that??!

    Don't want to comment on symptoms and all that as don't know what the hell is going on?!!

    Hope you are well!! xx
  • Amber156 thats funny they are both so close. No big birthday bash for them hopefully image

    TTCAM I would definately test as even if this was your longest cycle it should still show by now. Good luck.

    h2ta it sounds like you should have it covered. Now im starting to panic that we didnt do it more but not much i can do now :roll:

    sally sounds like you have it covered too.

    Im now only 1DPO and its going to be a loonnnnngggg 2 weeks :\(

    Lots of pma girls and hopefully we will be in DIM soon image
  • Hi everyone! I think I may be on 2WW too! Not really tracked anything but had one sided pains end of last week so thinking I may have ovulated? We haven't really tried this month as haven't had a period since the MC I guess i'll find out in 2 weeks! really hoping for a BFP but if i dont get one i'm going to try not to be too upset! I've bought a CBFM to use once/ If AF comes, but i am secretly hoping I wont have to use it lol
    Baby dust to all
  • could this 2ww be going any slower!!! arghhhh
    i took a test today but it was a BFN! not sure if its a proper reading as I once again tested too early.
    im so impatient LOL..
    roll on 8th July, if my AF not here by then im going to test then.

  • Hi, I will be on the 2ww next week. Babydust to everyone!! Zxx
  • hey all! i'm down to the 1ww! eak! have only stareted ss'ing now tho which is good! and only the odd - could that be a pg sign?... lol, it's been 11m onths for me and first ov since feb so my fingers are crossed and for you guys too! xxx
  • oh i'm getting excited and i dont want to!!! ahhh lol...this is the longest cycle ever...if you are preg do you still get cramps like af is coming...i am like 8 days past my normal 28 day cycle...i think i'll wait 1 more day and i will test tomorrow... i will let you all know how i get on..BFP/BFN either way xxx c u 2moro...

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