More bleeding

Hi, just wanted a bit of advice. I had a m/c two months ago and have since had two periods. Hubby and I have decided to try again but had no luck so far. I started the latest period a week last Saturday and thought I'd finally finished on Friday last week but I've now had bleeding again last night and today. I'm obviously trying to track my cycle so I know when to 'try' but I just don't know where I am. Please tell me this is normal, any advice? Do I just need to give my body more time to recover?




  • Hi Hun. It's unusual for bleeding after a period. I would maybe monitor it and see how it goes. Maybe see your Gp for some advise. Especially seeing as though you have had two periods since the miscarriage. X
  • Hi pet...I dont think there is a 'normal'after a MC. Everyone seems to be different, some of us take a lot longer to settle down than others. If it is worrying you then check it out with your GP. Good luck TTC xxx
  • Thank you both for your replies, I'll go to see my doctor tomorrow as the bleeding has got heavier tonight.
  • Phoned the women's unit at our local hospital and the nurse said it could be the fibroid they found playing up or could just be the hormones trying to get my cycle back in check............
  • If it puts your mind at ease I have had two periods in july, just a really short cycle I guess....
  • That's great to know, thank you! Just so desperate to know where I am so we can try again.
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