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Coming off the mini pill cerazette, still not ovulated after 49 days?

Hi all I was only on cerazette for 9 weeks. I’ve stopped it to ttc. I’ve been tracking ovulation using test strips daily, and I am on day 49 and still have not ovulated!!!! I have a little ewcm but have had that for a whole week now. I’m taking pregnacare before conception and today I’ve started 500mg of vitamin C but don’t think this’ll help anytime very soon. 
Any idea on how long I can expect to start ovulating?
i read some stories that say they got pregnant within days and weeks or even whilst on the pill, and other stories that say months or years.
im getting very frustrated.



  • Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. According to stats: The overall pregnancy rate was 83.1% (95% CI = 78.2-88%) within the first 12 months of contraceptive discontinuation (source). If you are aged max 35+, I would recommend trying during 12 months. If you are older, then the time should be max 6 months. Hope this helps. x

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