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On IUD/coil. 3/4 days late. Neg test.

So I know it's not very likely I'm pregnant being on the copper coil but I'm 3 maybe 4 days late and have taken 1 morning test which was neg. I roughly know when I ovulated, had all my period symptoms which seem to have now disappeared. I did have a pinkish tinged discharge i think the day before my period was due, which would have been normal if i got it. I did notice I was going for a wee more but thought nothing of it and I did have a moment where I had alot more discharge. Am I just being crazy, worrying for nothing? Anyone got any advice? Thanks. X


  • Definitely go see your OB asap! I got pregnant with my second while on the IUD and my symptoms were exactly like yours. When did you last have intercourse?
  • Thanks for replying back. I actually got my period the day I posted this, been meaning to update incase anyone looked. I have been ill the last 3/4 days so I'm not sure if that was maybe why I was late. I have done 1 more test just to check but was neg. 
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