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Faint positives now negative and no period

Hi everyone - I feel like I’m losing my mind. I am currently trying to decide if I am pregnant or not. In 2019 I had a traumatic birth after having preeclampsia. Once we worked through that we were ready to try we expected it to take a few months, but a year later I still am hoping at the end of every cycle and it’s driving me crazy! 

My husband and I have been ttc for 12 cycles. I had my IUD removed 12/1/21. In July I thought I had a faint positive, but started bleeding the next day. Until July my cycles varied by 26-33 days. Since then they’re 27-29 days. 

This month I had a positive ovulation test on 11/9. That seemed early since my lmp was 10/30. I’m expecting AF today 11/27. I felt different, cramping earlier in my cycle, sore breasts a week before, and a few waves of severe nausea (I’m an unfortunate one who has nausea as a PMS symptom) but those symptoms lasted a couple days then I felt great. I also felt more discharge not the normal pre period dryness. This is unusual to feel calm, happy, energetic the week before my period. I have been struggling with moderate to severe PMS. 

Sooo I took the test. I didn’t wait until today, my expected period date. I did the early testing and found a super faint, almost invisible line appeared 11/22 on clear blue early with pink dye. I didn’t get excited I took frer 11/23 and another almost invisible faint line. Thursday 11/24 the line was pink and very faint, but it was there. I got excited. Friday I retested and the line is maybe there maybe not. I retest Saturday and the same thing. This morning is the day I’m expecting my period and I tested with no hint of a second line. 

Surely you can’t get 3+ faint second lines on multiple tests on different days. I feel pregnant, but my line disappeared. I don’t understand how that happens as I tested my levels for ovulation and they peaked fairly early this month. I’m not bleeding yet, but I am feeling a bit discouraged. 

Any advice or insight? I have always been told no matter how faint the line it’s a positive. I know about evap lines, but I read these within the timeframe and used different tests, days and brands. Plus I just feel different, but now I’m seeing negatives. No hint of a line. Digitals are ‘No’ as well. I’d really like to hear your experiences with similar situations or any advice you might have! 
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